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Many Montenegrins could not resist the temptation of running the 100 km race track. Mileta Bozovic is the first Montenegrin from Niksic who managed to run out and conquer the most difficult athletic section at an official competition. It was in 1970 on the Vidrovan - Virpazar route and the first contest of the kind on the Balkans. He was the only one with such a magnificent result until 2001. At that time it was the second result in the world i.e. 7:29,00 on the famous ULTRA-marathon race in Bilu. A lot has been said about his achievements in the book “Marathon running in Montenegro”, particularly in the part related to its development and to its beginning in Montenegro, written by the author Milan Madzgalj.

It was Milan Madzgalj, the Secretary of the Athletic running club called “Podgoricki marathon” who got the idea of Montenegro having and organizing its own 100 km marathon race, while he was collecting and studying the material for the book he was writing on the marathon running. That is how the Athletic club
“Podgoricki marathon” was assigned the organization of the 100 km marathon race at the Athletic Association of Yugoslavia advertised bid, and on November 3rd, 2001 the championship for women and men was held.

After the 8th international championship of “Podgoricki marathon”, the president of the club and the manager, Mr. Zarko Markovic, has supported the organization of this competition and due to his personal obligations suggested establishing of a separate authority responsible for organization of this manifestation. After several consultations and discussions it was decided that Milorad Backovic, the manager of the ice cream factory “SUN”, and a sports worker who had achieved significant results in karate sport, shall be the president of the organization committee for the said manifestation.

It was decided that ULTRA- marathon shall be called “The first International ULTRA- marathon Montenegro 2001 at 100 km”. The competition has become official championship for men and women at 100 km. For the first time in its history the Montenegro championship was held at 100 km under the motto:
“The most endurable Montenegrin is looked for”

Mileta Bozovic was the promoter of the race , the only Montenegrin who has ever managed to run the marathon race. At the very beginning a good and well coordinated team of directorate of “Podgoricki marathon” Milan Madzgalj, Branko Jovanovic, Vojo Milosevic , Vaso Obradovic, Srdjan Popovic, Seka Radovic, Zoran Raickovic, Spaso Paloski, Radosav Pesic , dr. Ivo Djurasic, Lazar Vujovic, Momo Vujovic, Stevo Martinovic, Milorad Recevioc, Zvonko Lozancic, with the president of the Organization Committee at the head, Mr. Milorad Backovic, conducted all the preparations related to the organizational plan of this manifestation.

Along with the engagement of the directorate members and the Organizational Committee the special support and help in organization of this manifestation was provided by the ice cream factory “DON ZE” and the School Center ”Sergije Stanic”, with its director Sloba Stojanovic and the Hotel “Ljubovic” with its director Ratko Pavicevic.
Mileta Bozovic was delighted with the idea of organizing this manifestation and with the help of Milorad Backovic , a very successful spot of ULTRA- marathon was made together with carrying out of promotions and presentations. The response of the competitors was unexpectedly high. 51 competitor out of 7 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbian Republic and Yugoslavia ) applied , 15 of them out of Montenegro, that was extremely satisfactory number. Out of the foreign participants & competitors a famous name and a real star was Alexandar Osipov from Krima, Ukraine – with his personal record of 6 hours and 47 minutes at 100 km and the sixth place won at he European championship in 1999, and vice champion of 2000 won at the International championship of Germany at 100 km, and his club colleague Victor Lozovik – the silver medal winner at the European cup held in Poland again at 100 km race. They arrived to Podgorica together with Alexandar Bursailo, who at that time was to participate in “Podgoricki marathon” for the forth time.

The marathon runners in Yugoslavia accepted with delight the idea of Montenegro – Podgorica being assigned its own ULTRA- marathon race. People like Drago Boroja from Futog , Zoran Jankovic from Kula , sisters Vera and Jela Predojev from Senta, all gave their suggestions related to the race organization.
The track was changed in the last minute , by delegate from Belgrade , Milorad Recevic, as a president of the Competitors’ commission , and the only authorized measurer of the track in Yugoslavia together with the “Podgoricki marathon” organizer, and instead of 2563 meters that were to be ran out in 50 circles around the hill of Ljubovic, as was first planned, the regularity and the length of the track “ Montenegro “ ULTRA- marathon at 100 km was certified, stating that everything was done in line with standards IAAF, FAA and ASJ for the race on the road.