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Be a volunteer at 22nd Podgorica marathon (Important Information)

Volunteers are everywhere in the world, certainly all participants in the marathon, they are an inspiration and support, without which no marathon in the world can do.
Directorate of 22nd Podgorica marathon is looking for volunteers:
Be a volunteer at the Podgorica marathon, help better understanding of importance ofmarathon in Montenegro and our culture. Tell your story to your friends, post pictures on social networks and thus transfer the spirit of the marathon. You may motivate some of his friends to start the running and thus a further positive impact on our society in which we live together.

If you want to be a volunteer, sign in and submit your application until October 15, 2015 to e-mail:
> Name,
> Year of birth,
> phone number

Age is not important.

Volonteers will be engaged around the marathon START, along the paths for half marathon, marathon, race on and, technical assistance in the organization of the marathon, aid to competitors after the race, translation services, assistance in granting refreshment along the trail and at the finish.
All who sign up to be volunteers will receive Marathon t-shirt and accreditation (the day of engagement-sandwich will receive a bottle of water) - after the marathon, all volunteers will receive a certificate.
The website of the marathon will be highlighted list Volunteers and maintenance before the marathon all the necessary information about the engagement.
Additional information is available by telephone:
> Milan Madzgalj-gen.secretary (067-612-057).
> Milena Vuksanovic-office menager (067-218-456)

SATISFACTION RACE 5.000m and 10.000m

From this years marathon we have race/discipline within Podgorica marathon - 5000m and 10000m race - SATISFACTION RACE.
Competitors start with marathon racers on Sunday 25 October 2015 at 09:00 hours, when marathon start is scheduled. Contestants must have a chest bib number, which is green fro 5000m race and yelow for 10000m race. Organizatator printed 3000 race numbers. Signing up for the race takes place starting on 01 May and runs until 16 October 2015 to 24:00 hours.
Applications should be sent to e-mail:, with data:
- Name and surname,
- Year of birth
- City
- Country

Starting list of participants can be found on the site of the marathon in the "start ordering ". When taking over the starting number of entry fee of 5 euro should be paid.

First 150 runners in both races will get medals for compiting.

Raising starting numbers of competitors from Montenegro on 16th, 17th and 18th October 2015 in the Office of the Directorate marathon at SC "Moraca" in the period from 10-14:00. Contestants from abroad can obtained starting numbers on 24 October - Saturday: 11-20:00 at the Registration Centre at hotel "CITY" in Podgorica. All information about the race can be obtained by the Directorate: Milena Vuksanovic (tel.067-218-456)

Track shema:








- 09:00h - Marathon and satisfaction race 5000m start
- 09:15h - "Ec race and eco marathon" stat (grammar and high school)
- 10:30h - Half-marathon start at Danilovgrad (bus for Danilovgrad goes at 09:15 from Sloboda street - in front of Hipotekarna Bank (150m from marathon START).
- 13:30 Anouncment of winners
- 15:30 Lunch at square parking lot in front of hotel "City"
- 17:00 Monetary award ceremony for all categories in hotel "City"


Friends of Podgorica maratho - ULTIMATE NUTRITION will provide gifts for 31 participans on marathon and halfmarathon.


Timing of marathon

This year timing will be done by CHAMPIONCHIP CROATIA-CHAMPSTAT.
Entry fee for marathon is charged 5 eur as a compensation for a personalized chipss






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