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It was on October 8th, 1994 that a group of athletic enthusiasts from Podgorica started, made and organized the first marathon of Podgorica, which at the same time represented and was an official open championship of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in marathon and half marathon. The first Marathon of Podgorica was theoretically made and organized by Branko Jovanovic, Milan Madzgalja, Vojo Milosevic, Milenko Todorovic, Momo Boskovic and Todor Petkovic. It was during that year of 1994, when the state of neither war not piece lasted to long in this surrounding of ours, and when such an idea was considered too daring. It was the time of Socialistic Federative Republic of Yugoslavia splitting up and economic sanctions. Nevertheless thanks to understanding and help of the country of Montenegro and especially its Prime Minister, Mr. Milo Djukanovic, who supported this manifestation from the very beginning, encouraging athletic workers and striving to make Montenegro the organizer of significant sports events, giving both, personal and financial help up to the present day , (when we finally have this Marathon included in the World’s schedule, in the Local self managing Authorities in Podgorica & Danilovgrad, as well as in the timetables of the numerous Sponsors, the first Marathon was organized. A great contribution was then provided by enterprises and companies such as “Integral” from Podgorica, represented by Misa Jelovac, “Central-kapija” led by Milenko Todorovic, and “Kips” Company with Mr. Ilija Aleksic.
The Sports Undersecretary of Montenegro, Mr. Dragan Drobnjak was included in the organization of the Marathon of Podgorica from the very beginning.  People of Podgorica and Montenegro were delighted, and it soon became a “trademark” of the capital of Montenegro, as well as the manifestation visited by more and more competitors each year.

Organization of the Podgorica Marathon was done in the tradition of Europe and the world, so as to have its running improved. The marathon running has suffered a great expansion worldwide with millions of people doing it and with a big number of relevant clubs and sections. Such a new club similar to one in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis was also formed in Montenegro. It was upon the initiative of  Mr. Milan Madzgalj made on February 25th, 2000 that an Athletic  running club  “ The Marathon of Podgorica”  was opened and registered by the Resolution of the Ministry of Sports of Montenegro as a sports organization – a club dealing with the organization of  the marathon of Podgorica, ULTRA –marathon and the race named “Oslobodjenje Podgorice”. The Municipality of Podgorica with the major, Dr. Miomir Mugosa at the head and the Municipality of  Danilovgrad under the leadership of its president Milorad Vuletic are at the head of Podgorica marathon and half marathon organization  pursuant to the world athletic standards. In the book called  “Atletsko trcanje u Crnoj Gori” ( The Athletic running in Montenegro) written by Milan Madzgalj, all the data related to the history of marathon in Montenegro can be found together with all the races organized and held since the very beginning as well as to the organization of marathon and ULTRA -marathon of Montenegro at 100 km.“







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