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1. Upon completion of the marathon, the organizer will, at 17:00 at the offices of AFMNE, award cash prizes to all marathon and half marathon winners and veteran awards by category (where the starting numbers were taken - the registration center).

2. All participants in the marathon and half marathon will recieve food voucher (which is free of charge) and which will have start number of the competitor, At 4pm, all participants who bring a voucher to the offices of AFMNE will be given a lunch package - lunch provided by the marathon organizer.

3. The marathon competition is held on the track Podgorica-Golubovci-Mataguži-Tuzi-Podgorica, and the start and finish are on × Independence Square / downtown.

4. START OF THE Half-marathon will be from DANILOVGRAD, THE DESTINATION OF THE Half-marathon ON THE MAIN SQUARE IN PODGORICA.START WILL BE AT 10.30 MINUTES. After marathon race start in 9.00 hrs ther will be a bus to take half marathon competitors to Danilovgrd (at 9:15). The bus will, after transporting the half marathoners, immediately return to the same place in Podgorica to the same place - from where the half marathoners boarded the bus.

5. Warming is done outside the start-finish line.

6. Reception Center no. 1 is located in the AFMNE on October 06.11.2021 from 10:00 to 21:00 (Saturday).
Reception center no. 2 is located in Independence Square / downtown on 07.11.2021 from 06:00 to 07:00.

7. Coaches and team leaders are not allowed to move on the field. Vehicles with no official vehicle sign are prohibited on the track.

8. Dressing rooms for changing and disposing of sports equipment for men and women marathon competitors will be in the city stadium (changing rooms) where competitors may take a shower after the race or leave the equipment at a special place at the start of the stage. The locker rooms are located in the city stadium where it reads "Official Entrance - J.P. Stadium ”(there are changing rooms). Other competitors can leave their equipment on the square (in front of the former Elmag Business Center) where the FINISH line is at a special marathon equipment tent.

9. Presentation of competitors will be done just before the start for both the marathon and the half marathon in Indipendance Square / downtown.

10. The announcement of the winners for the three first-placed competitors in the men's and women's competition will be on FINISH at 1:30 pm on Independence Square. Veterans can pick up their prizes in the marathon offices at AFMNE 5:00 pm.

11. The entire track is covered by medical teams, ambulances. At the back of the column is a motor vehicle with a medical team. In the center of Danilovgrad there is a medical team for the purpose of the marathon, and in case of intervention the motor vehicle is parked on Republic Square.

12. The 36 km marathon time ramp for men is 4 hours and 30 minutes and for women 5 hours.

13. Appeals shall be submitted within 30 minutes of the publication of the official results with a bail of € 20.

14. Competitors in marathons and half marathons, running on their own responsibility, guarantee that they are physically and medically fit to participate in the event.











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