Svein Arne Hansen i Dobromir Karamarinova posjetili "22. Podgorički maraton -2015"

. Predsjednik Evropske atletske federacije Svein Arne Hansena i podpredsjedinik Dobromir Karamarinova su u okviru posjete Crnog Gori posjetili i "22. Podgorički maraton -2015". Njih su ugostili gradonačelinik Podgorice Slavoljub Stijepovic i predsjednik Atletskog saveza Crne Gore Milorad Vuletic.

President Hansen, who was welcomed by the Mayor of Podgorica, Slavoljub Stijepovic, and President of the Athletics Federation of Montenegro, Milorad Vuletic, was impressed by the organisation and popularity of the event. The Podgorica Marathon, one of the biggest road races in the region, was also the stage for the Balkan Marathon Championships and has been certified as a 5-Star Quality Road Race by European Athletics.

“It’s our aim for European Athletics to be a recognised partner in mass participation races and to support organisers and road runners themselves in any possible way,” said Hansen. During a promising meeting with city officials and members of the Athletics Federation of Montenegro, Hansen and Karamarinov discussed the construction of an athletics stadium in Podgorica. They also shared their vision for the future of the sport and their efforts to raise the standards of endurance running across the continent.


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